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Pheromax for Women

Pheromax for WomenPheromax for Women is an extremely concentrated pheromone, that original is developed in Germany.

No effort and expense has been spared, so you get a pheromone spray that is hi-tech inside and out.

The bottle contains 14 ml, and comes in the original version, og in a new version with new, updated formulars.

Each bottle contains 5mg pheromones – 3 mg copulins and 2 mg androsteNOL.

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Pheromax is a powerful, but well-balanced pheromone spray from Germany, who turned out to be our very clear #2 pick among the pheromones for women.

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I did notice a difference in the attention I got from men, especially in how active they were flirting

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Pheromax for Women is sold by Love Scent.


Contains 14 ml per bottle.

5 mg pheromones per bottle - 3 mg copulins and 2 mg androsteNOL.

Comes in an atomizer in a box.


$79.95 USD

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