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W.A.G.G. – What A Great Guy

W.A.G.G. - What A Great Guy PheromoneW.A.G.G. is actually a response to a lot of men who felt that they could be to “alpha” or “macho” when they used other androstenone-heavy products.

So the researchers at KZI came up with a new idea and a new formular, that resulted in WAGG.

This pheromone have a more “friendly” scent than others in the same category. Not too heavy og macho, but still masculine. Therefore they called it “What A Great Guy”.

The bottle contains 10 ml.

Each bottle contains 5mg pheromones.

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So if your already quite macho and girls are actually scared of you, then this product is perfect for you.

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“I’m a fairly imposing guy, and women used to sometimes feel uncomfortable around me, but with WAGG they get real cozy real quick.”

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It’s a good idea to use a cologne over it and use no more then 2-3 drops. However, W.A.G.G. works just like it’s supposed to, get used to women approaching you and breaking the ice!

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WAGG is sold by Love Scent.


Contains 10 ml per bottle.

5 mg pheromones per bottle


$69.95 USD

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